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Whittier Skatepark
Meifoo Skatepark
Mountain Dew Modern Lines
Custom design build for Mountain Dew
Doha Skatepark
Newark Skatepark
Vans-Utah Sports Commissions Skatepark
Street League Los Angeles 2019
La Ruina Skatepark
Vans Skatepark Montréal
A Vans Park Series certified park-terrain legacy course, free and open to the public.
Dew Tour 2019
Vans Park Series Shanghai 2019
Far Rockaway Skatepark
This skatepark is right off the Rockaway boardwalk. The design strikes a balance between both street and transition styles. It features a plaza section complete with a variety of grind ledges, a set of stairs with handrail and hubba ledges, and a solid hipped bank. In addition to the plaza section, the park also features an entire transition area that includes various bowled corners, rolled edges, and a volcano. This all-inclusive park is sure to have something for everyone!
Pier 62 Hudson River Skate Park
California Skateparks was brought under contract to build this hybrid flow/street skate park at a high visibility site along the Hudson River in the Chelsea District of Manhattan, New York. California Skateparks utilized a custom structural foam/concrete foundation system to build a durable cast-in-place concrete and shotcrete skate park directly on top of Pier 62, as a key feature of the Hudson River Park system.
Etnies Skatepark
California Skateparks was the general contractor on this skatepark project. The 38,000 square foot facility was designed for skaters of all ages and skill levels. The skate park is a concrete, outdoor facility featuring a massive street course, two bowls, an elbowed vert wall plus other unique design features. Safety equipment is required to be worn by the skaters and the park will be supervised during all hours of operation. The Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest is a public/private partnership between the City and interested businesses and individuals.
Prince Park Skate Park
California Skateparks was the (specialty) contractor on this project. This is the fifth skate park built in the community of Oceanside, CA. The skate park includes transitional and street elements. The skate bowls, snake run and street area compile this 22,700 skate park.
Hod Hashron Skatepark
California Skateparks was responsible for the construction on this skate park. Located in Israel this skate park features the first ever full pipe ever to be built there! California Skateparks has began building several parks in Isreal and this skate park is sure to be one of many!
Tribeca Skate Park
California Skatepark was responsible for the construction of this skate park. The unique designs incorporate 8,750 sq ft of diverse combination of terrain including stairs, ledges and rails that resemble an actual street plaza. Stone veneer and granite pavers were used in the fine details of the design and offer the park a true “street feel”. Tribeca Skatepark is one of three New York City skateparks built by California Skateparks. Other parks include Maloof Cup Plaza in Queens and the Hudson River Park Pier 62 skatepark in Chelsea. The Tribeca skatepark design is different than the one located at Pier 62 and provides a different riding terrain thus offering a diverse skating experience for the skaters of New York City.
Hollywood Skatepark
he state-of-the-art facility intended for experienced skate/BMX sports enthusiasts. The skate park includes an11-foot-deep kidney bowl, 18-foot full pipe plus a full plaza with a 10-stair step with rails, two fun boxes, two ledges and two six-stair steps. Concrete park with benches, drinking fountains, no phones, and lights on timer.
Goodyear Skate Park
The design includes a full pipe-capsule, a 280 ft long snake run with multiple hips and extensions, an 11’ deep peanut bowl with traditonal pool tile and coping and a large street/flow course with a pyramid, rollers, bank to block and hubba ledges. The course accomodates all levels of riding from beginner to pro-level and will accomodate both skateboarders and BMX riders.
Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA - Encinitas
The world-famous Encinitas YMCA now features two new permanent concrete street areas, one for beginners and another for advanced riders, in addition to two of the best cement pools in the country. One is a backyard style kidney pool the other is a multi-tiered clover bowl. The whole park now features smooth transitions from small to large, a variety of coping and tile, rails, ledges, layback banks and brick textured paving.
Surprise Farms Skatepark
This park features a mini ramp with and extension to create different levels of transition. Also, it contains a 3 flat 2 stair set with skate rail and kinked ledge a complex bank section, pole jam, flat rail, two – 3 stair sets with hubba ledge sections, a radial ledge, two – 5 stair sets with hubba ledges and skate rail sections, a split level A-frame with double skate rails, a 2 stair set with hubba ledge and another 2 stair set with a slanted ledge, several banks with ledges, another A-frame with a ledge and a skate rail and a quarter pipe to allow for riders to return into the park. It is strategically connected to two pathway entrances where spectators can view the entire park and be in a safe zone, away from riders and runaway boards.
Plexiglass Mini Ramp
Full plexiglass mini ramp we built showcasing classic @nikesb’s for the @diamondsupplyco booth at @complexcon last year.
La Colonia Skatepark
Street League New Jersey 2014
Street League Los Angeles 2014
Street League Los Angeles 2015
Street League New Jersey 2015
Street League Super Crown 2015
Street League Super Crown 2016
Street League New Jersey 2016
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