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First Skatepark in Ethiopia

Special Project





Skatepark Designer:


Scope of Work: 

In January Nyjah Huston invited a group of pro-skater friends along with California Skateparks CEO, Joe Ciaglia and skatepark craftsman,Brian Pino, to Ethiopia to help repair wells and build the country’s first-ever skate park. When he and his mom, Kelli Huston, told skateboarding legend Tony Hawk about their plans, Hawk decided to come along. Together, the group repaired 15 wells and helped California Skateparks build the first concrete mini ramp that will be used by hundreds of kids in Addis Ababa and its neighboring villages. “Having this new skatepark for the kids of Ethopia is going to keep them out of trouble, keep them busy during the day, and the best part is that the sport is challenging,” Huston says. “The challenge builds determination and encourages perseverance. Also, it’s a group sport, so it’s community-driven. I just hope it becomes one more way to bring happiness to them.”

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