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Vans Huntington Beach Skatepark

Public Skatepark




Huntington Beach


California Skatparks

Skatepark Designer:


Scope of Work: 

VANS founder Steve Van Doren approached California Skateparks CEO Joe Ciaglia to develop the master plan and ultimately act as general contractor and landscape architect for the entire site, which spans a full city block in Huntington Beach. The project boasts a 40,000 square foot VANS “OFF THE WALL” skate park complete with lights, snack bar, bathrooms, lockers, and parking lot, in addition to a brand new Jacks Garage store on the premises. It is nothing short of a skateboard utopia that promises to be the premier skate park destination for years to come. The skate park itself offers some of every imaginable type of terrain, but is generally defined by an upper transition / flow / bowl area and a lower street/ plaza / park area, which are tied together by the well-known and iconic Vans checkerboard paving pattern found throughout the entire park. The upper transition portion of the park measures around 17,500 square feet, consisting of hybrid backyard bowl / flow bowl combination as well as a full sized competition clover bowl adorned with Golden State Pool Coping and custom tile, both of which were designed and influenced by legendary VANS rider Christian Hosoi as well as VANS team and staff members in collaboration with Joe Ciaglia of California Skateparks. The massive 25,000 square foot area dedicated to the street plaza area is comprised of an over abundance of real-life street elements including stairs, rails, gaps, planter ledges, kickers, rollers, a double-kinked handrail that’s over 40 feet long, and volcano feature with a palm tree in the center to complete the iconic southern California vibe . The VANS “OFF THE WALL” skate park also presents a unique opportunity for the community in that it will also be capable of hosting Pro Events.

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