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Jaycee Skatepark

Public Skatepark




Las Vegas


Site Design Group

Skatepark Designer:

Skatepark Construction

Scope of Work: 

This park is an approximate 10,000 square feet, warped, rectangular shape framed with painted red curbs that range from ankle to knee high with slight level changes by way of elongated stair sets, stretched handrails, and smooth, mellow hubba ledges. Connecting the upper and lower level is a perfect bank to ledge to help broaden creative line options. In addition, there’s a taco quarterpipe equipped with brand new Golden State Pool Coping, a floating corner bowl, pump bump, and an array of banks to keep you moving throughout the park. Other key features include a hipped bank, Pier 7 ledges, curved ledge, flat ledges, and split A-Frame kickers with center rail and hubba ledges on both sides.rnrnJaycee Park will be a blast for any level of skating and is a great addition to the Las Vegas community

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