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Sheldon Skate Plaza

Public Skatepark




Los Angeles


California Skateparks

Skatepark Designer:


Scope of Work: 

This new 25,000-square-foot at-grade, street style skate park features ledges, rails, stair steps, banks, ramps, and curves. The site also includes a six stall, fully ADA compliant restroom building, parking lot, shade structures, native landscaping, and security lighting. The 2 acre site was acquired in 2011 for the skate park project, making it the largest skate park in Southeast Valley. Three community meetings were conducted as an outreach effort to elicit ideas from the skating community as to the features they wanted to have at the new skate park. California Skateparks began designing the site in August of 2012. The skate park will feature elements that will appeal to all levels of skaters. It is designed with elements for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill sets. Additionally, shade structures will provide a cool shade for skaters to take a breather.

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