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Surprise Farms Skatepark

Public Skatepark






Site Design Group

Skatepark Designer:

Skatepark Construction

Scope of Work: 

This park features a mini ramp with and extension to create different levels of transition. Also, it contains a 3 flat 2 stair set with skate rail and kinked ledge a complex bank section, pole jam, flat rail, two – 3 stair sets with hubba ledge sections, a radial ledge, two – 5 stair sets with hubba ledges and skate rail sections, a split level A-frame with double skate rails, a 2 stair set with hubba ledge and another 2 stair set with a slanted ledge, several banks with ledges, another A-frame with a ledge and a skate rail and a quarter pipe to allow for riders to return into the park. It is strategically connected to two pathway entrances where spectators can view the entire park and be in a safe zone, away from riders and runaway boards.

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