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Skatepark Construction: 30,000 SF Town Centre Park at Camp Woodward

We're excited to once again partner up with Woodward Camp on the latest design by Nate Wessel. Feast your eyes on the new 30,000SF Town Centre we're building this summer at Woodward Pennsylvania.

The expansive new park will include 30,250 square feet of rideable park, 35 street features, 18 features around the pump track, 19 bowl corners and berms, 30+ different hips and hip transfers, and more.

Woodward’s Skate Program Designer, Ryan Sheckler, along with icons and BMX Program Advisors, Ryan Nyquist and Jamie Bestwick, are stoked to see this creative, feature-rich Town Centre come to life, and plan on riding it as soon as it's ready mid-summer.

“Town Centre is the candyland of skateparks” says Sheckler, “You could skate this thing for twenty years and never hit every line. This is one of those spots that will never be done.”

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Jul 04, 2023

Is the 3D Model available for download... 👀

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